Crunch time!

Crunch time!

We’re currently laying out last hands at the album, finetuning everything and doing the all-important mixing and mastering, so we can get this thing into your hands and ears.

So, we hope to do the official release when we perform at the Gaukurinn in Reykjavik where we kick off our Icelandic Metal Assault tour as well. Of course, the upcoming promos will still come as well, so stay tuned for those. So, keep an eye out for that, and as per usual, here’s some Eddic poetry for you to ponder:

Hrauð í himin upp glóðum
hafs, gekk sær af afli.
Börð, hygg ek, at ský skerðu.
Skaut Ránar vegr mána


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Promo tracks incoming!

Promo tracks incoming!

Since you guys have been waiting for us to release something for so long, we thought it might be apt to introduce you to some of the tracks on the upcoming Rock to Hell album. While we’re working on tracking, mixing, mastering and various complicated things, we decided to wet your appetite by releasing three promo tracks while we’re toiling to finish up the complete album. We’d like you to introduce you to our new blistering sound, we finally dubbed HELJARMETALL.

This is the first of three, a devilishly tasteful track called Upheaval. Kindly spread this like the airborne plague, and enjoy at unhealthy volumes alright!

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The RÁN Express is being set in motion! Tour dates known!

The RÁN Express is being set in motion! Tour dates known!

Our demonic servants at the Rock Tour Agency have come through beautifully and have set up RÁN, Exile and Devine Defilement up with an infernal itinerary for Eastern Europe domination. You can grab the poster below, and weĺl also set up something on our facebook page so you get alerted when we haunt in your neck of the woods.

We’ll be storming through Iceland, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia Poland, Germany and the Netherlands in a span of three weeks. We’re looking forward to seeing all of your screaming, moshing and headbanging faces from the stage.

See you soon!


Click for full size

Icelandic Metal Assault poster

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Watch out Europe! RÁN is coming!

Watch out Europe! RÁN is coming!

Hello there. It seems we’re touring Europe this autumn. We are planning to lay waste to the European peninsula together with Icelandic Behemoths Devine Defilement and Exile. More details will follow soon, but the bands are confirmed, and the fine people at Rock Tour Agency are taking care of us.

So, we hope to pillage and plunder your cities soon. Come all, and bring hearing protection because it’s going to be loud as Hell.

To close off, here’s some inspired Eddic poetry for you:

En þeim sjalfum
Sigrún ofan
folkdjörf of barg
okfari þeira;
snerisk ramliga
Rán ór hendi
gjalfrdýr konungs
at Gnipalundi

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The time of production is nigh!

The time of production is nigh!

Færir björn, þar er bára
brestr, undinna festa
oft í Ægis kjafta
úrsvöl Gymis völva.
En sægnípu Sleipnir
slítr úrdrifinn hvítrar
Ránar, rauðum steinir
unnit, brjóst ór munni

That’s your bit of Eddic poetry for today, but besides all that, we would like to inform you that all the prodding and poking at the preproduction material is done, and we’re gearing up for production. All scratch tracks have been laid down, mixed, inspected, modified and tweaked. This yielded a very nice roadmap of how and what we want things to sound like.

The RÁN express is in full force, and now begins the recording and re-recording of tracks, until we get what we want. We’ll also keep you updated on the coming tour, and we have had some confirmations already. Things are shaping up!

Take care and hail!


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All preproduction done!

All preproduction done!

Well, after lots of hard toiling and communication, we can announce that all preproduction songs for Rock to Hell are recorded. Now comes the finetuning stage, where the evil horde that is RÁN will poke, prod, listen, change, tune, process, mince and brutalize all the stuff that has been recorded over the last few months. Finetuning the new pitdemon sound, with more more brutalizing and raw sonic landcaping, was a challenge.

But the direction is clear and the goal is set! Added is a shot from Andrath’s studio when he finished laying down the last bits of “Thrash Black”, which is going to feature on the album, in an extended version you headbangers are (hopefully) going to love.

Hail from the lords of RÁN.


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And another track done!

And another track done!

In our journey to complete the infernal work of art that is ‘Rock to Hell’, we’re creeping closer and closer to our end goal. The almighty Andrath has stacked another track onto the pile of assorted notes that will audibly darken your surroundings soon! ‘Warbound’ has been laid down for preproduction, with the infamous new sound that we have dubbed “The Pit Demon”-sound. With growling bass guitars, brutalizing guitars, menacing drums, and of course the well-known vocal onslaught that only Nekron can produce.

We’re looking forward to assaulting your neighbors in the future. In the meantime, enjoy this preproduction teaser we released earlier this year, which doesn’t feature the new sonic direction just yet but is quite enjoyable just the same.

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!m! ONWARDS !m!

…And this would be Nekron’s first, official post under the new format and website…

Much has been going on in the camp and as RÁN nears further work on the upcoming European tour, it is safe to declare that the new album (Rock to Hell CD/LP/MC) is now in the latter stages of progress. Expect a Youtubed 3 track promo release at a point when we feel it’s appropriate…

Now, this release serves as a sort of ‘Best of/Worst of’ and will contain the following tracks by the rule of 9 (track order may still be shuffled):

  1. Cease the Sun
  2. Rock to Hell
  3. Thrash Black
  4. Warbound
  5. Sólin Deyr
  6. Firestorm
  7. Fables of insanity
  8. Soulblaze (New)
  9. Upheaval (New)

The release celebrates the new, rougher sound of RÁN, but I dare declare that 11 tracks (out of 33) have already been mapped out for work under the title of ‘The Deep’… a full, 3 CD release + a follow-up EP/Mini CD named Upheaval.

Spilling the black beans here: Whereas ‘Rock to Hell’ is somewhat faithful to the Black’n Roll/Black Thrash direction, it seems that ‘The Deep’ is surely set to exhaust our ideas regarding more sinister, Black/Death/Thrash Metal. It shall be Hellish indeed…

Rock and Rule…!m!


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Hello Infernal World!

Hello Infernal World!

Hail to you and blackest greetings,

Andrath and Nekron have been slaving away between recording sessions to bring you an updated website for you so you can stay updated on the evil horde that is RÁN. Due to some fancy demonic magicks, anything we publish here will surreptitiously also appear on our social media outlets. Expect tracks, photos and merch to be on offer here soon, so you can get some worthy gear in exchange for some currency and perhaps your soul. We’re not picky.

Anyway, watch this infernal bulletin board for our shenanigans. We’ll catch up later.


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New website, new look!

New website, new look!

It seems that Andrath has more talents, other than scaring people shitless with his 7 stringed behemoth. He used his internet necromancy to register this domain and set up this website! Since this web thing is dynamic and easy to edit, expect some more updates from us. We’ll attempt to keep you in the loop during the production of Rock to Hell, our upcoming album. We’re in the preproduction phase at the moment, and things are sounding pretty good already!

So, please watch this space.


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