Tour Diary. Day off and The Hague

Sorry for not writing a blog yesterday. It’s been a bit hectic arranging transport for all people now that the RTA crew has said goodbye. But we managed it in the end. Yesterday’s gig at Musicon was like going home again. We had a great gig, the bands were awesome as always, and the crowd was stellar.

Right now we’re packing for Haarlem. Be sure to check out our facebook for the event, and hell, maybe show up? We would appreciate that. 🙂

Also, we have brought cassette tapes this time as well. Our apologies to Alex from Zwaertgevegt for forgetting to bring them along on tour. The new Rock to Hell album isn’t on tape just yet, a situation we will rectify as soon as possible.

Take care and Hail,


Posted by Andrath

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