!m! ONWARDS !m!

…And this would be Nekron’s first, official post under the new format and website…

Much has been going on in the camp and as RÁN nears further work on the upcoming European tour, it is safe to declare that the new album (Rock to Hell CD/LP/MC) is now in the latter stages of progress. Expect a Youtubed 3 track promo release at a point when we feel it’s appropriate…

Now, this release serves as a sort of ‘Best of/Worst of’ and will contain the following tracks by the rule of 9 (track order may still be shuffled):

  1. Cease the Sun
  2. Rock to Hell
  3. Thrash Black
  4. Warbound
  5. Sólin Deyr
  6. Firestorm
  7. Fables of insanity
  8. Soulblaze (New)
  9. Upheaval (New)

The release celebrates the new, rougher sound of RÁN, but I dare declare that 11 tracks (out of 33) have already been mapped out for work under the title of ‘The Deep’… a full, 3 CD release + a follow-up EP/Mini CD named Upheaval.

Spilling the black beans here: Whereas ‘Rock to Hell’ is somewhat faithful to the Black’n Roll/Black Thrash direction, it seems that ‘The Deep’ is surely set to exhaust our ideas regarding more sinister, Black/Death/Thrash Metal. It shall be Hellish indeed…

Rock and Rule…!m!


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