And another track done!

In our journey to complete the infernal work of art that is ‘Rock to Hell’, we’re creeping closer and closer to our end goal. The almighty Andrath has stacked another track onto the pile of assorted notes that will audibly darken your surroundings soon! ‘Warbound’ has been laid down for preproduction, with the infamous new sound that we have dubbed “The Pit Demon”-sound. With growling bass guitars, brutalizing guitars, menacing drums, and of course the well-known vocal onslaught that only Nekron can produce.

We’re looking forward to assaulting your neighbors in the future. In the meantime, enjoy this preproduction teaser we released earlier this year, which doesn’t feature the new sonic direction just yet but is quite enjoyable just the same.

Posted by Andrath

Andrath is the stringed axe-murderer of the deadly trio.