Tour wrapup. Haarlem and Best

We should have written a blog yesterday, but we just didn’t get around to it. But today we should, so here it is. As has been the tradition this tour, parents of bandmembers of bands have been visiting our shows. It seemed to be Andrath’s turn this time. His mom visited the Place 2B in Haarlem. Do try the burgers there, they are something else. All in all a nice gig, even though carrying all the gear into the venue was a bit of a hassle with stairs going up and down, but we managed.

The gig in Best was good and a nice closing of the tour. Nekron went unplugged for a short while, and Andrath broke his E string in the last part of Upheaval, which didn’t stop the show. After some reshuffling of luggage and some goodbyes, the RÁN crew said goodbye to the other bands.

So, now the tour has come to an end. It was an adventure. Many thanks to all the bands and people that worked with us to make all of it happen. We’ve made many friends and shared many moments. All and any of you have been awesome.

Take care and Hail,


Posted by Andrath

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