Watch out Europe! RÁN is coming!

Hello there. It seems we’re touring Europe this autumn. We are planning to lay waste to the European peninsula together with Icelandic Behemoths Devine Defilement and Exile. More details will follow soon, but the bands are confirmed, and the fine people at Rock Tour Agency are taking care of us.

So, we hope to pillage and plunder your cities soon. Come all, and bring hearing protection because it’s going to be loud as Hell.

To close off, here’s some inspired Eddic poetry for you:

En þeim sjalfum
Sigrún ofan
folkdjörf of barg
okfari þeira;
snerisk ramliga
Rán ór hendi
gjalfrdýr konungs
at Gnipalundi

Posted by Andrath

Andrath is the stringed axe-murderer of the deadly trio.