To whom it may concern…

A short bio…

Current RÁN line-up:

Nekron – Bass and vocals
Andrath – Guitars
Rhym – Drums

The musical essence of RÁN is pure Power and uncompromising, sonic violence, mingled with the predominant elements of all forms of Extreme Metal and invigorated through relentless Black Metal Hellpossession!

In turn, this is contrasted with Hard Rock/Shock Rock influences, classical 80´s Thrash riffs and tainted with the cultural essence of Nekron’s Icelandic/Norse heritage alongside the darkest aspects of Dutch culture.

The lyrics and image deal with Chaos, Hell, Anti-theism and the slaughter of heavenly forces upon eternal battlefields as symbolism for world disorder. Rune magick and warlike spells are placed within the poetic concept, written in the ways of Nekron’s Viking ancestors to construct a dangerous blend of powerful incantations; inviting the listener to the darkest pits of the purgatory realms and infesting their souls with ways of pure, Hellish, Rock’n Roll inferno!

In the now and with numerous releases behind them, RÁN is an established act on stage, having played at various locations throughout Europe and Iceland, with more shows and tours being planned for 2016.

Safe to say, the beast of RÁN is growing fast!


2011 – Thrash Black demo
2011 – Doomsday Eve (Live CD)
2012 – Rock to Hell demo
2013 – Rock to Hell (EP/MCD)
2013 – Live at PopEi (DVD)
2013 – Demonstorm CD
2013 – The Antichristian Symphonies (Split CD- Satanath records)
2014 – Remnants (EP/MCD)
2015 – Sólin Deyr (EP/MCD)
2016 – Demonstorm MC (Zwaertgevegt label and distro)
2017 – Rock to Hell CD/LP/MC (full length – TBA)
2017/2018 – The Deep + Upheaval EP (33 track, full length – TBA)

Incoming RÁN manifestations:

Icelandic Metal Assault (2017 – Rock Tour Agency)

Lands and settlements laid waste, some more than once, time and time again…:

Belgium: Oostende/Ostend
Germany: Berlin – Bremen – Hamburg – Kiel
Iceland: Hafnarfjörður – Laugarbakki – Reykjavík
The Netherlands: Amsterdam – Breda – Den Haag – Eindhoven – Heerhugowaard – Leidschendam – Rotterdam – Schiedam – Wateringen

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