Seize the Crown release imminent!

Hello there, Hell-metal Hellions!

We just submitted Seize the Crown to, so it will appear into stores starting tomorrow and later.

We’re super-stoked to release this. This track has a bit of historical significance for RÁN, since it has been bouncing around in Nekron’s head as early as 1985. And we think it came out great, and we hope you will enjoy it as thoroughly as we did while creating it.

For spotify, please submit your e-mail adress to, and you will get notified when the track drops on Spotify. Google Play Music and Youtube will probably appear first.

And as always, here’s some Poetic Edda to consider:

At kveldi skal dag leyfa,
konu, er brennd er,
mæki, er reyndr er,
mey, er gefin er,
ís, er yfir kemr,
öl, er drukkit er.

Posted by Andrath

Andrath is the stringed axe-murderer of the deadly trio.