All preproduction done!

Well, after lots of hard toiling and communication, we can announce that all preproduction songs for Rock to Hell are recorded. Now comes the finetuning stage, where the evil horde that is RÁN will poke, prod, listen, change, tune, process, mince and brutalize all the stuff that has been recorded over the last few months. Finetuning the new pitdemon sound, with more more brutalizing and raw sonic landcaping, was a challenge.

But the direction is clear and the goal is set! Added is a shot from Andrath’s studio when he finished laying down the last bits of “Thrash Black”, which is going to feature on the album, in an extended version you headbangers are (hopefully) going to love.

Hail from the lords of RÁN.


Posted by Andrath

Andrath is the stringed axe-murderer of the deadly trio.