New single: Black Hell

Hello to all you Hell Metal Hellions out there!

We would like to inform you that we’re still around and kicking butt. The roaring machine called RÁN was halted in it’s tracks a bit due to circumstances outside of Nekron’s control. But since the nature of the beast is to be loud, we picked ourselves up and start off the new year with a new release. This song is part of a bigger album that will be called “Hell Metal”, which will be a seminal work detailing our future direction. This is a taste of things to come!

Löng er nótt, langar ro tvær,
hvé of þreyjak þrjár?
Oft mér mánaðr minni þótti
en sjá half hýnótt.


Posted by Andrath

Andrath is the stringed axe-murderer of the deadly trio.