The time of production is nigh!

Færir björn, þar er bára
brestr, undinna festa
oft í Ægis kjafta
úrsvöl Gymis völva.
En sægnípu Sleipnir
slítr úrdrifinn hvítrar
Ránar, rauðum steinir
unnit, brjóst ór munni

That’s your bit of Eddic poetry for today, but besides all that, we would like to inform you that all the prodding and poking at the preproduction material is done, and we’re gearing up for production. All scratch tracks have been laid down, mixed, inspected, modified and tweaked. This yielded a very nice roadmap of how and what we want things to sound like.

The RÁN express is in full force, and now begins the recording and re-recording of tracks, until we get what we want. We’ll also keep you updated on the coming tour, and we have had some confirmations already. Things are shaping up!

Take care and hail!


Posted by Andrath

Andrath is the stringed axe-murderer of the deadly trio.